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Welcome to Yoga Burra

Yoga in the heart of Yungaburra!

YOGA BURRA forms part of The Breathing Clinic & Wellness Centre – located on the top floor of the iconic chalet next to Nick’s Swiss Italian Restaurant in the historic village of Yungaburra!

Yungaburra is a holiday getaway and tourist hot-spot on the Atherton Tablelands! With YOGA BURRA being in the heart of Yungaburra, you can enjoy a virtual Yoga Retreat any day of the week!

If you’re passing through Yungaburra, treat yourself to an overnight stay (you are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation and restaurant options) and pop in for a yoga class while you are here!


Class Overview

The timetable at YOGA BURRA includes a diverse range of yoga classes:

  • Yogalates

  • Yoga Flow

  • Restorative Yoga

  • STRONG Yogalates

  • Stretch & Relax

  • Deep Stretch & Meditate

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Pricing of Classes

You have the choice of attending classes inside the studio as per the timetable, or you can access videos on demand in the Virtual Library 24/7!

For more information, please contact us.


Customer Reviews

Absolutely love every class. Tina has a wealth of knowledge, is professional and is just a beautiful soul. Would recommend her classes to everyone from hesitant beginner to expert. Love love love Yogaburra.


What a wonderful week of yoga! And restorative tonight was something very special. A magic place is being created in Yungaburra Tina. Thank you for your vision.


Perfect location. Very articulate and knowledgeable teacher. Don’t be intimidated – Tina has a very gentle approach. Do your body and your mind a favor!


Gorgeous. Bliss. Gentle and Professional teacher. Beautiful space.


Firstly Tina, congratulations for creating such an amazing venue – all fitted out with every comfort for Yoga classes. Very classy and tastefully decorated with lots of mats, blankets, bolsters, music, lighting and most important, a very talented and professional Yoga teacher, Tina. How lucky Yungaburra is to have you and this new venue – YOGA BURRA! I’m such a strong believer that every living person should do Yoga for their wellbeing, and that includes men as well as women.


So fantastic to have a yoga centre literally on our back doorstep! We’re loving the flexible class times, which fit into busy work schedules and cater for all ages – loving being able to bring my two kids aged 13 and 10 and I took my mother on Mother’s Day to a Restorative Yoga class, which she loved. Tina’s beautiful calming presence and expertise in yoga encourage you to attend regular sessions.


I discovered YOGA BURRA and just want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful space to heal, nurture and rejuvenate mind and soul. Such a special space with a wonderful instructor who makes you feel you belong. YOGA BURRA is a wonderful place to be and enjoy some “me-time”. Thank you Tina, you have been a salvation for me over the past weeks.


I am greatly enjoying YOGA BURRA! Having depression most of my life, yoga helps immensely to balance out the neurotransmitters and help me feel enormously better after a session. I highly recommend being coached and pampered by Miss Tina at YOGA BURRA.


Fantastic!! If you like yoga you will love YOGA BURRA. Tina is a wonderful instructor and your every need is taken care of to ensure your experience is as it should be.


Tina’s YOGA BURRA classes always seem to be exactly what I need. She is able to balance the class so that is not boring for people with more experience nor too challenging for those just starting yoga for the first time. I always end up feeling energized and refreshed and ready for the day. We are so lucky to have the new YOGA BURRA centre open.


YOGA BURRA is great and I love to go whenever I can. Tina is a great teacher and also a lovely person. Come and enjoy a class and you will feel the same I am sure!


After searching for many months I have finally found a Yoga Class I am so happy with! Best wishes, Tina.


I had been meaning to start yoga for a few years and was excited when I heard YOGA BURRA was opening right on my doorstep. Although I was concerned that I would feel intimidated by a room full of pretzels, Tina made me feel completely at ease from my first session on the mat. You can work at your own pace guided gently by Tina who is both a caring and experienced instructor. I am away overseas right now and look forward to returning to the serenity of YOGA BURRA!


After a long day I have found Restorative Yoga in Yungaburra where the stress of the day disappears with the most beautifully relaxing, calming and restorative yoga experience which clears my head and brings me peace. The venue is fabulous and so convenient to everything Yungaburra has to offer. Saturday morning Vinyasa Yoga is the best way to start my weekend positively.


Classes have helped me relax and switch-off from work and feel calm and grounded. I also suspect that regular practice has helped minimise back and muscle pain throughout my third trimester and kept me feeling comfortable. Tina is very thoughtful and accommodating to the needs of the prenatal yogini – I always have many props, millions of bolsters, and layers of mats for extra comfort! I’ve been able to try all levels of classes with Tina’s guidance on prenatal alternatives for certain poses and her “less is more” approach. Prenatal classes are great for bonding with my bump and other mums-to-be.


I highly recommend Tina’s classes. Tina is so warm and welcoming. Hope to be back soon!


My first class today was great. I have never done anything like this before and it was a fantastic experience. I will definitely be going regularly from now on!!


Yoga should be compulsory for everyone. The world would be a much better place. Tina is an excellent yoga instructor, providing and teaching different styles of yoga on her timetable. All of us are very lucky to have Yoga Burra in Yungaburra.


Fabulous yoga classes leave you feeling terrific.


Great sessions with clear directions and a fun atmosphere! Love it.


Careful, methodical and incredibly caring tuition. I can’t recommend Tina highly enough.