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There is something special for everyone at YOGA BURRA with a diverse range of classes including Restorative Yoga, Yoga Flow and STRONG Flow, as well as yoga hybrid classes such as  Yogalates, STRONG Yogalates, and STRONG Yogalates HIIT!

For detailed descriptions, browse below:

  • Yogalates brings the best of both worlds together in this fusion of Yoga and Pilates to stretch and strengthen the body as well as rest and restore balance to the nervous system and mind!   Yogalates develops core strength, combined with optimal breathing patterns to stabilise the lumbar spine in a range of poses.  It also includes essential stretches to help alleviate a range of conditions including sciatic and bursitis of the greater trochanter, and also includes resistance work to build stronger muscles and greater bone density, beneficial for conditions such as osteoporosis.   This is a foundational class suitable for beginners.  (Level 1 – suitable for beginners)

  • STRONG Yogalates builds on Yogalates (Level 1) with a stronger blend of strengthening poses, and poses to stretch & lengthen tight muscles!  This class targets strengthening inner thighs, outer thighs,  buttocks, abdominals and upper body and is followed by a deep stretch sequence to release and lengthen tight muscles and connective tissue.  STRONG Yogalates concludes with conscious relaxation to integrate the benefits of this practice.  (Level 2 – intermediate)

  • Yoga Flow is a slow, flowing style of yoga that moves through a range of classic yoga poses designed to stretch & strengthen the body and enhance balance and peace of mind.  This class is suitable for those who have yoga experience and/or enjoy a more dynamic/flowing style of yoga.  (Level 2 – intermediate)

  • STRONG Flow is a dynamic flowing style of yoga with an emphasis on classic yoga poses to strengthen the body, blended with poses for a deep, strong stretch, and finishing with final relaxation.  Suitable for those who are injury-free and have yoga experience and/or enjoy more of a challenge. (Level 3 – strong intermediate)

  • STRONG Yogalates HIIT is 1 hour of yogalates-inspired high intensity interval training (HIIT) to stimulate the cardiovascular system and build muscle strength!  This class is peppered with yoga stretches to reduce lactic acid build-up, and is topped off with a well-earned final relaxation experience.  Bring water and a towel to this class!  (Level 3 – strong intermediate)